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Running a business together has been a joint family dream for the Viljoen and Meyer families for many years. We knew we found the perfect place to fulfil our life-long dream as soon as we set foot on Wederom.

Our farm’s name comes from our Cape-Dutch roots and translates to “see you again.” It is so fitting that our name has also become our motto. We wish that each guest enjoys their time so much that they come back to see us again.

Family values, collaboration with our local community, passion for people and harmony with nature are the blended principles that motivate us at Wederom.

Reading Wederom’s history book, one comes across a particular chapter that is not only colourful, but also exotic and distinctly Italian.

Arrivederci—The Italian connection

During the Second World War, Italian prisoners of war (POW) were sent to the farmlands as labourers. Among them, an officer older than the rest, Giovanni Salvadori.

He was a Northerner; his fellow POWs were from the South of Italy. Though different, he was esteemed by his peers. This lead to Giovanni and his roommate Nanni building their own barn as their dwelling away from the tented camp. Giovanni remained optimistic and left behind a legacy honoured on the farm today. 

Giovanni is remembered as a joyful cook that smelled of old oil who loved his brinjals and art.

While serving his time on the farm, he left an interesting mural on the wall of his Barn. The artwork depicts daily life at Wederom. The barn, labourers and farmlands.

What is remarkable about the art (and what speaks volumes of its creator) is that the painting exudes a feeling of happiness. He included himself as the cook with a massive smile on his face.

Homage to our high-ranking happiness hero

The artwork has been restored, with the help of the well-known Jan Corewijn. Today the barn showcases its iconic illustrations as an open-to-the-public Prisoners Of War Museum and wine tasting venue.

A further tribute to Giovanni can be found in every names sake bottle of Giovanni Salvadori Vinno Rosso.

There are many more treasures to discover at Wederom. We’d love to share them all.

Step into a world where tradition and history run strong. Wederom cellar reserve wines are carefully hand-cultivated using traditional family-driven winemaking methodology. We are the proud producers of our Wederom Merlot and Salvadori Vinno Rosso.

All of our wines are available for purchase on our farm. Delivery throughout South Africa can be arranged on select orders.

Wedding Wines:

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