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The History of the farm and it's family   

Originally the name Du Toit meant “from the roof” but later developed to mean “a small place erected as a home”. All the Du Toit's in South Africa can trace their roots back to Francois du Toit who came to South Africa in 1690.

Here in the Goree Valley, all the Du Toit’s have continued the tradition of naming their heirs “Philippus” or some form there of in honour of their forefathers and roots. This has led to many nicknames to distinguish the different “Phlips”. From ‘Wit’ (white) Phlip, ‘Swart’ (black) Phlip to Phlip Doekies (nappies) and Phlip Voete (feet). Our son is no exception, but we have named him Philip-John to leave too little space to twist the name into yet another nickname.

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The Italian prisoners of war

The Italian prisoners of war worked on the farm as labourers after they were caught in Abbesinia (Ethiopia) in 1943. Nanni was a medical doctor and Giovanni was a well-known cook. They built a barn on the farm with interesting drawings on the wall. We restored the drawing with the help of the well-known Jan Corewijn and opened the museum to the public on the 1st May 2004. The room serves as our wine- tasting room as well. We also put the Italian translation of Wederom on our label in memory of this SPECIAL PEOPLE !!

(See you again)